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Grease Trap Cleaning

Competitive Pricing for Grease Trap Cleaning in Calgary!

We have keenly designed our grease trap cleaning service with one goal in mind, efficiency. Our technicians earnestly pump grease traps to remove all safety issues and bad odor resulting from a faulty grease trap. You can rest assured that all hardened grease will be scraped away to cut down the frequency of pumping the trap as well as prevent the accumulation of grease. The extent of work needed to clean your grease traps obviously depends on a number of things. Therefore, we invite you to contact us to set an appointment for an assessment. We promise the most competitive pricing for cleaning grease traps in Calgary.

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Get Rid of the Hardened Residue of Grease!

Is your septic tank clogged? Septic tanks, sandpits, and grease traps can cause severe problems in the plumbing system. It is necessary to address the issue properly and in time to get rid of any disadvantages. The clogged grease trap if not taken care of properly can cause severe damage in the drainage system of house and commercial space. Ray-Z Plumbing and Heating offers the most cost-effective plumbing and drainage service in Calgary. We offer a wide range of grease trap cleaning like eliminating odor, pumping out the grease trap and fixing the foul odour problems. Poorly maintained grease traps can lead to hardened deposits, which would further be hard to maintain. Our grease trap cleaning services in Calgary are aimed at getting rid of the hardened residue of grease. You should perform regular cleaning to avoid damage. Accumulation of grease can also lead to bad and unpleasant odour. Apart from cleaning and repair, we also provide grease trap maintenance which will eventually help you save money in the long run. Looking for a cost-effective grease trap maintenance service in Calgary? Contact experts at Ray-Z Plumbing and Heating today to get your quotation.