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Garburator Installation

Looking to Install a New Garburator in Calgary?

Garburators are no less than a blessing. They make kitchen cleaning seem like a cakewalk. Also, washing dishes which is often considered to be a tough part becomes easy with a garburator. But, like every other kitchen appliance, you will need to replace your garburator too. Most garburators are installed in the sink and whether you want to upgrade your old one or install a new one, it can have a significant impact. Ray-Z Plumbing and Heating offers the best garburator installation services in Calgary. We make sure to follow the safety standards while conducting garburators installation in Calgary. We believe in perfection and thus, ensure the installation is done correctly in the first attempt. Our professional plumbers will arrive at your doorstep for garburator installation in Calgary. With an experience of more than two decades we are aware of all major models and their working.

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Is Your Garburator Emitting an Unpleasant odor? Is it Clogged?

Perhaps it’s time you get a professional to have it repaired or replaced. If your garburator is no longer functioning properly, your drain system is at a greater risk for clogging from larger debris of food waste and consequently causing even more costly repairs. Remember, a garburator can be very dangerous if not handled properly. That’s why you have professionals like us who will fix it for you. Feel free to contact us for a cost-effective plumbing and drainage service in Calgary.