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Backflow Prevention

Best Backflow Prevention Services in Calgary!

Most companies and commercial spaces need to install a backflow prevention system across the plumbing lines. The backflow prevention system installation is essential for apartments, food establishments and condominiums. The cross connection installation and testing services in Calgary are designed to minimize the risk of any hazard or complications. When the water flow or supply changes, it can be prone to several health risks and other damages across the apartments. Ray-Z Plumbing and Heating technicians conduct backflow inspection to ensure proper working of the system involved. Furthermore, local compliance is also determined for extra benefits. If the freshwater supply is interrupted it is a sign of the backflow prevention system not being installed properly.

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Cost-effective Cross Connection Control Solutions in Calgary!

When you are dealing with an extensive plumbing system, having cross-connections is almost inevitable. This is a point where a single water supply is split into multiple lines. One may be designated to supply drinking water while the others non-drinking water. If, for one reason or another, backflow occurs at the cross connection, the drinking water supply line risks becoming contaminated. In short, you do not want that. Here at Ray-Z Plumbing & Heating, our staff is skilled and experienced in investigating and fixing the common causes of backflow such as: backpressure, sewerage pipe damage, source damage, and so on. Let us help you keep your household safe. We provide the finest cost-effective plumbing and drainage services in Calgary.